AI glasses FRAME That Make You Smarter

AI glasses FRAME That Make You Smarter

So there’s a new startup from Singapore called Brilliant Labs that’s doing something pretty cool. They’ve come up with these glasses called Frame, and these glasses are packed with very cool and futuristic tech, and you can actually buy them for $350. What’s even more interesting is that the people behind Brilliant Labs got some of their funding from the person who created Pokemon Go, which is pretty impressive.

Now, these Frame glasses are designed to do a lot more than just help you see better. They don’t have prescription lenses, but what they do have is a bunch of AI capabilities. The AI assistant in these glasses is named Noah, and it’s designed to help you with a bunch of different tasks.

For example, it can translate what someone is saying in real-time, search the internet for you, and even create images on the fly. It’s like a personal genius companion, constantly at your service, right before your eyes. The look of the glasses is pretty unique, too.

Brilliant Labs says they wanted to pay tribute to some famous people known for their iconic glasses, like John Lennon, Steve Jobs, and Gandhi. So they went with a design that’s reminiscent of those circular spectacles we associate with these historical figures. It’s a way of blending the old with the new, which is pretty neat.

Frame: The Future of Wearable AI Technology

To make all this AI magic happen, the glasses use some advanced technology from open AI, like GPT-4, and other tools for speech recognition and image generation. But here’s the catch. Right now, you need to connect the glasses to a smartphone app to use all these features.

The idea is that you tap the glasses and talk to Noah to get it to do what you want, like finding out information about something you’re looking at or hearing. Imagine you’re in a grocery store wondering about the price or nutritional information of a pint of raspberries. You can just ask Frame, and it’ll search the internet to give you the details.

Another cool thing about Frame is that it’s open-source. This means that all the technical designs, code, and how-to guides are available for anyone to check out and mess around with on GitHub. So, if you’re into coding or tech, you can tweak the glasses to do even more stuff, which is pretty awesome.

The CEO of Brilliant Labs, Bobak Tavangar, is really passionate about making technology that improves our lives in meaningful ways. He believes that these glasses are a step towards a future where technology helps us connect better with others and understand the world around us more deeply, rather than just staring at our phones all day. Frame isn’t the only gadget out there trying to get us to look up from our screens.

Exploring the Landscape of Innovative Technology: From AI-Powered Glasses to High-Tech Golf Putters

There’s also this thing called the iPen from a startup named Humane. It’s a pen you wear that does some of the same stuff as Frame, like translating languages and playing music, but it costs almost $700. Comparing Frame to other tech out there, like Apple’s Vision Pro headset, which is all about mixed reality and costs a whopping $3,500, Frame is a lot lighter and cheaper.

The Vision Pro is pretty heavy, while Frame is super light at just 39 grams, making it easy to wear all day. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a pair of these futuristic glasses, you can pre-order them on Brilliant Labs’ website. They’re planning to start shipping them out in mid-April, so it won’t be long before people start walking around with their very own AI-powered glasses.

It’s pretty exciting to think about what this could mean for the future of how we interact with technology and the world around us. Now, there’s something new and exciting for people who love golf. Odyssey, a company known for making really good golf putters, has come out with a new kind of putter called the AI-1 Cruiser.

These aren’t just any putters; they’re designed with the help of artificial intelligence, which is pretty high-tech stuff for golf equipment. This means they’re made to be super precise and help golfers play better. Some of the best golfers out there, like Jon Rahm and Minwoo Lee, use Odyssey putters.

Revolutionizing Golf: Introducing the AI-1 Cruiser Putter Range by Odyssey

Recently, a golfer named Wyndham Clark won a big tournament with one of these new AI-1 Jailbird Cruiser putters. He played amazingly well, making a new record. This shows just how good these new putters can be.

Odyssey didn’t stop at making just one kind of putter. They made a whole range called the AI-1 Cruiser, and each type is made for a different way of putting. What’s special about these putters is something called the AI-1 Insert.

This part of the putter helps the golf ball go more consistently where you want it to, even if you don’t hit it perfectly. They figured out how to make this insert by using artificial intelligence to design it just right so it helps golfers get the ball closer to the hole. They’ve got a few different styles of these putters.

There’s one with a classic shape that’s really stable and easy to aim with and another one that’s wider and also very stable. They even brought back an old favourite shape with the latest technology inside. All of these putters are made to be very stable, which means they can help you make more accurate shots.

These putters are going to be available for people to buy starting March 1st, and they’re priced at $599. That might sound like a lot, but for golfers who want the latest and greatest technology to help improve their game, it could be worth it. Odyssey is really excited about these new putters, because they blend the best parts of traditional golf equipment with new technology to help golfers play better.

If you’re into golf and want to see how this new technology can help your game, Odyssey suggests checking out their website for more information. Alright, that wraps up our article. If you liked it, please consider subscribing and sharing so we can keep bringing more content like this.

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