Microsoft Introducing Copilot PRO + Amazon New AI Chatbot

Microsoft Introducing Copilot PRO + Amazon New AI Chatbot

Microsoft Elevates CoPilot Experience with CoPilot Pro: A Premium AI Subscription for Enhanced Productivity

So, Microsoft is improving its co-pilot software with CoPilot Pro, making it more useful for both personal and professional use. We will also talk about Amazon’s new AI chatbot, designed to help shoppers on its mobile app with product queries and even some fun interactions. But let’s start with CoPilot Pro.

The beginning of 2024 marks an exciting time for Microsoft as they witness a surge in the usage of their co-pilot software, both in professional and personal settings. Microsoft’s ambition is grand. They aim to empower individuals and organizations across the globe to accomplish more through the integration of CoPilot, an AI tool designed for everyday assistance.

This ambition is well on its way to being realized. With over 5 billion interactions and image creations already achieved through CoPilot, the software’s increasing popularity has brought in a wealth of feedback, guiding Microsoft in refining and enhancing the co-pilot experience. One significant development is the introduction of CoPilot Pro, a premium offering tailored for individuals who demand an elevated level of AI capabilities.

This new subscription is especially beneficial for those who frequently use Microsoft 365 Personal and Family. It also includes the exciting prospect of creating personalized CoPilot GPTs. Alongside this, Microsoft announces the availability of the CoPilot app for iOS and Android, further enhancing accessibility.

CoPilot Pro: Unleashing Productivity Across Devices with Advanced AI Integration

CoPilot Pro stands out as an innovative solution for enhancing creativity and productivity. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate across various devices, understanding user context whether they are browsing the web, working on a PC, or soon, using their phone. This subscription also offers access to CoPilot across popular Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

What makes it particularly appealing is the priority access to the latest AI models, including OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo, ensuring faster performance and the flexibility to switch between models as desired. In the realm of business, Microsoft has expanded the reach of CoPilot for Microsoft 365, making it available to companies of all sizes. This move follows its successful introduction to large enterprises, where it has already been adopted by leading organizations.

The versatility of CoPilot for Microsoft 365 lies in its ability to integrate with a vast array of work-related data, including emails, meetings, documents, and more. This integration enables it to perform a variety of tasks, from generating updates based on recent meetings and emails to assisting in daily application use like Microsoft Teams, Word, and Excel. The expansion of CoPilot is not limited to professional or premium users.

Microsoft continues to provide a robust free version of CoPilot, inviting users to explore the transformative potential of AI in enhancing productivity and creativity. The introduction of CoPilot GPTs marks a significant update, allowing users to tailor the behaviour of Microsoft CoPilot to their specific interests. Moreover, the availability of the CoPilot mobile app for Android and iOS brings the power of CoPilot to users on the go, syncing seamlessly with their PC.

Amazon’s Innovative Shopping Assistant: Exploring the Capabilities of the New AI Chatbot

With these developments, Microsoft reaffirms its commitment to making AI accessible and useful for a diverse range of users. Whether one is just starting with the free version of CoPilot, looking to supercharge their experience with CoPilot Pro, or a business seeking to leverage AI for enhanced productivity, Microsoft’s CoPilot offers a solution tailored to meet a variety of needs and aspirations. Alright, now let’s shift focus to Amazon’s new chatbot.

So, they have created a new AI chatbot that works on its mobile apps for phones like iPhones and Android phones. This chatbot is designed to answer questions about products you can buy on Amazon. For example, it can tell you the size of a shelf and how long a battery can last, and it can even make up a song about snow boots for Christmas.

This AI tool is mainly for helping with shopping, but it can also do fun things. People sometimes ask silly questions to AI chatbots when they are just messing around. Amazon’s AI can do this, too.

You can ask it questions on the product page, right before where you see customer reviews. Only a few people can use this feature at the moment. Staff from The Verge, a news site, tried it and found that it can do creative things like telling jokes about flashcard readers, making up bedtime stories about hard drives, and talking about snow boots in a playful way.

One thing the AI won’t do is flirt with people. The Verge team tried to get it to flirt, but the AI said it doesn’t have feelings and doesn’t flirt. Amazon said they are still testing this feature.

Amazon’s AI Integration in Shopping: Navigating Product-Centric Interactions

They told CNBC, a news channel that the AI is not meant to have conversations or answer questions that are not about products. The Verge team tested this by asking for a hummus recipe while looking at snow boots, and the AI said it couldn’t answer. But it will guess if Jeff Bezos, the chair of Amazon, might wear the boots, as long as you ask about it in relation to the product.

Amazon has been adding more AI features to its shopping site. These features include using AI to summarize product reviews, find fake reviews, and suggest clothing sizes. The company is also working on creating AI tools through AWS, its cloud computing service.

In November, AWS introduced the Titan Image Generator, which lets businesses make pictures from text descriptions. AWS also gives businesses access to other big AI models from companies like Meta, Anthropic, and Stability AI. Alright, that wraps up the video.

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  • Microsoft Introducing Copilot PRO + Amazon New AI Chatbot
  • Microsoft Introducing Copilot PRO + Amazon New AI Chatbot
  • Microsoft Introducing Copilot PRO + Amazon New AI Chatbot

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