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Oneplus 13

The OnePlus 12 was recently released, but it hasn’t been long, and leaks for the OnePlus 13 are already surfacing. The expected release date for the OnePlus 13 is October 2024, and according to the latest leaks, the phone is coming with upgrades both on the outside and inside. I’ll share the details with you, so be sure to watch the article till the end.

But before that, I quickly hit the subscribe button. Let us start with design, which is something that many new smartphones lack. Design teams at OnePlus, Samsung, and Google appear to be struggling to innovate.

OnePlus 13 Expected to Ditch the Round Camera Bump for a New Design

Fans have expressed disappointment with the design’s repetition in the OnePlus 11, 11R, 12, and 12R models. From the OnePlus 10 to the present, OnePlus phones have featured a hinge-style camera module, despite the fact that there is no actual hinge, and they are instead glued to the body. However, leaks suggest that the OnePlus 13 will feature a new design.

The phone is transitioning from a round camera layout to a vertical setup with three cameras, the middle sensor being the most visible. I am pleased with the camera redesign because the camera module on the OnePlus 12 had a gap from the body, and there was too much glue in the camera module, which disappointed many fans. Another reliable leaker stated that not only the design but also the camera specifications will be upgraded, so subscribe now to ensure that you do not miss any future camera updates.

OnePlus 13 Expected to Pack Latest Tech and Upgraded Fingerprint Scanner

Qualcomm releases its latest chipset around the same time OnePlus launches its phones. OnePlus flagship phones are usually among the first to be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest processors. Therefore, the OnePlus 13 will feature Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. For the first time, OnePlus has been incorporating an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner into its phone.

In the OnePlus 12, they used an optical fingerprint scanner. Both optical and ultrasonic fingerprint scanners provide security, but ultrasonic scanners create a 3D image of your finger using ultrasonic rays, making them more secure and reliable, even with wet or dirty fingers. The expected release date for the OnePlus 13 is in October, so we can anticipate more news about upgrades.

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